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Canada's first-ever national cancer prevention conference - May 24-27, 2007

Cancer: It's About Prevention. It's About Time! (click for details)
May 24-27, 2007 - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Splash's Wondrous Discoveries
Adventure on an earthly journey with Splash and his magic globe! Enjoy the mysteries Mother Nature created and how we use these materials every day. (Perfect for Gr. 1 _ 2 materials curriculum)

To request a book reading or presentation for your community or class please call 416 928-0880 or email at [email protected].

GRASSROOTS customers got busy buying on April 29/05 in support of WHEN's environmental health documentary "If You Love Your Children".  Grassroots donated 10% of net sales for the day to support the completion of this educational film, which will help to raise awareness of the effects of environmental toxins and the links to poor health.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the successful day!

For more information visit www.GrassrootsStore.com or call 416-466-2841 Grassroots offers environmentally-friendly products and provides information that allows its customers to make positive choices for themselves, their communities and the planet.

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